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Vital Information for ALL Life Insurance Owners in South Carolina

There has been a change in the life insurance industry. The biggest change in American in 100 years. If you own life insurance, I am going to assume you own your insurance to protect your family, right ? Imagine that a month from today it's a bad , bad day because you have just suffered a horrible heart attack but you did not die. I have 2 questions.

1.would it be ok if we brought you a check to get the best medical treatment, pay your bills, your mortgage while you were off work and getting better or maybe even paid off your mortgage or even replaced your income forever so you never had to work another day in your life until you died and then continued paying your surviving spouse until he or she took their last breath? and 2. would it be ok if with that money, you got healthy again and never had to pay the money back or pay another life insurance payment?

If that were possible, wouldn't it make sense to get your life insurance money up front, when you were alive and needed it the most, instead of after you were dead and buried?

Well, those are the changes that have happened today-- policies that pay you up front, and... Dr. Marius Bernard is the reason for this. He and his brother Christian were the first Doctors to ever to do a human to human heart transplant in the 60's. They helped design this new kind of life insurance that pays when you're alive.

It's actually not that new. Only unheard of in America. Japan, Australia. Canada they all love it.- have had it for 20 years. You can't even get a loan in the U.K. without it.

But in America, for the last twenty years, the Insurance companies have been trying to hide it from you. Why? The old insurance they sold you is just too profitable. Take for instance, Term insurance, what most Americans buy. Did you know that only an average of 2% of term policies ever pay out? Could you imagine a business where you could take peoples money and only deliver your product 2% of the time?

You probably own a cell phone right? The technology companies are always rolling out new technology to us every day. They want us to know about every new cell phone they roll out.

The insurance companies in America are just the opposite. They know the majority of people will get some sort of illness or accident before they retire- in fact, the average age is 43! Not 70. Only 43! So they have refused to tell you about it for 20 years- because it would cut into their trillions of dollars in profits.

Until now. There are a handful of Insurers in America who are coming out and doing the right thing. One of them is one of the largest Insurers in the world. 90% of the Fortune 500 companies do business with them. 40% of the Fortune 400 wealthiest Americans do too. This company is "too big to fail" and they are coming out to change the insurance industry in America forever and save the financial futures of milions. Will you be one of them?

If you own a life insurance , one of those old DEATH Insurance policies and you want to protect your family as much as the day you bought that policy, you owe it to them to call today. In most cases, it will cost you no more than you are already paying to replace it with the same amount of LIFE insurance- the new kind, with "Living Benefits". http://fivestones.life
  • Posted on: 03/13/2018, 4:21 PM
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