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Live streaming for videographers at lowest price

1. Lowest price 2. 100% Support Included 3. Unique features like Multi-CDN and Receiver support. 4. Dedicated Private Server, Private Bandwidth, Unlimited Private Channels. 5. Ability to speedtest your private CDN and receivers

Go ahead and take the LiveBox challenge. search everywhere and compare us with Service Providers, Consultants, or anywhere else. There’s no better functional and value for money solution than LiveBox for what you can get inside one single Box.

Why is the same solution more expensive with alternative options?

Other solutions are expensive because their sales pipeline has a lot of commission makers. We are product specialists and we choose to use a different path to communicate to our customers and sell directly to our customers.

What are the limits?

There are no limits on your usage on the basic solution. We keep it very transparent to you so you can see how much CPU power and Bandwidth you use so that you can upgrade to 10G bandwidth and dedicated Multi-core processors depending on your usage.

What else can you buy?

1. Location based connected CDNs are also available to provide you with the lowest latency. 2. Unlimited 24/7/365 transcoding.

Why LiveBox for your dedicated streaming server?

1. It’s White Labelable 2. It has the highest number of features 3. It costs the lowest so you can provide competitive pricing to your clients. 4. Built-in IPTV, Cloud Encoding, Transcoding and Streaming. That’s all you need. Period.

Love what you just learned? Contact +919789978955 or +919789978981
  • Posted on: 12/21/2017, 2:39 AM
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