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PennySaverUSA Testimonials Page

Want to know what others think about the PennySaver? Here are some testimonials.

"I joined the PennySaverUSA classified online ad website, listed my 1996 Toyota T100 truck and sold it in less than 1 hour. I received the call from the buyer 15 minutes after listing. I am a PennySaver raving fan."

Phillip W. - Valencia, CA

Love the PennySaver? Give us your opinon and Share your PennySaver Experience now!

"Received lots of calls. We rented our property as a result. Thank You"

PennySaver User - 1/12/13

"It was great, didn't take long before I got a call. Thank You PennySaver."

PennySaverUSA User - 1/11/13

"It was wonderful. I always recommend the PennySaver to all my family and friends i have listed couple of things and i always have success thanks for letting me place my adds. love it!!!!!"

PennySaver User - 1/11/13


PennySaverUSA User - 1/10/13

"I never thought it would work that fast. Definitely a lot of people are looking at the PennySaver"

PennySaver User - 1/6/13

"I received several calls regarding the room I had for rent. I had previously used another roommate locating service that did not give me the results"

PennySaver User - 1/5/13

"I got many calls on the PennySaver ad and successfully sold the item at a price greater than anticipated. I would not hesitate to use the service again and to recommend to friends. Thanks for a great experience."

PennySaver User - 1/2/13

"Awesome! Sold pups really fast and ad placement was quick, easy and free!"

PennySaver User - 12/30/12

"Had a very successful garage sale. thank You PennySaver"

PennySaver User 12/30/12

"Renting a room...got great people that answered the ad, found a renter the same day. Good experience. Wish more people knew about this service."

PennySaver User - 12/27/12

"Ad was easy to place and there were a number of calls. The person who rented the house found it in the PennySaver. Thank you."

PennySaver User 12/26/12

"It was easy, a breeze, and the garage sale was a huge hit! Had lots of people come. Thank you."

PennySaver User - 12/21/12

"The customer service representative who took my print ad request was courteous and very helpful. she also quickly corrected an error on my online ad. PennySaver is an institution and rightly so!"

PennySaver User - 12/17/12

"Thank you for the opportunity to advertise our art show in your paper. It gives non-profit associations a way to advertise without costing us valued monies from our limited funds."

PennySaver User - 12/17/12

"I was very surprised at how quickly we got a response. One the same day the ad was posted, we got several calls. Extremely satisfied. Thank you."

PennySaverUser - 12/15/12

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