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List Your Rental Property on PennySaverUSA.com

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Listing Your Rental Property Has Never Been Easier!


Enhance Your Ad!


Choose from a selection of icons, premium placements or packages to enhance and/or boost your ad.

For Rent Icon

Let browsers know at a quick glance or scroll that your ad is for a rental property.

Orange Frame

Draw attention to your ad with our Orange Frame!

Special! For Rent Package

Let browsers know right away that your ad is for a property rental, and that you're serious about getting it rented quickly!

Premium Placement!

Be seen first! With Premium Placement, your ad will be seen ABOVE other listings!

Try a Package Deal!

Get great value out of our package deals! For 21 days, your ad will be enhanced with a Flag Icon, Premium Placement and an Orange Frame.

Our Popular Flag Icon

Show your national pride with a US Flag Icon.

How It Works


List Your Rental Property for Free

Whether you're renting an apartment, condo or a house... there are ZERO listing fees! Include the major details, and list the location, and specifications of the rental property. Those in the market for a rental property will be looking for specific requirements such as minimum number of beds/bath, garage, utilities included, etc. so be sure to include that pertinent information or they might just skip over your ad. You can include the price, or a contact point where they can get that information.


Upload Photos

Make your listing stand out by including photos of your rental property. A picture can speak a thousand words. It's one thing to mention the benefits and conditions of your rental property, but it's also great to include a picture and show it. Take photos of the interior and exterior portions of the rental property. Also include any photos of additional amenities that can be shown.


Longer Listings

Your ad is live on PennySaverUSA.com for 21 days so you can get the maximum number of responses to your ad.


Reach Local Buyers

Post your rental propety online to increase the visibility of your rental listing. Make sure to include a method of contact so anyone interested can reach you. Choose your comfort level, and go from there. If you only want to be reached via email, then only include your email, and communicate until you feel comfortable enough to speak with them on the phone or in person.






"It was an immediate positive response, A+!"

--PennySaverUSA User, 10/10/2013

"We received many calls about our ad for a room to rent. I believe being able to post the photos helped people to see what they were calling about."

--PennySaverUSA user, 9/30/2013

"We received a lot of response to our on-line add. Being able to post photos is a great advantage."

--PennySaverUSA User, 9/26/2013
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