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Garage Sale Tips
garage sale


When to have a Garage Sale:

  • Moving to a new home is the most common reason, but general house cleaning or reorganization can lead homeowners into rethinking about either selling or keeping old or unused items.
  • Only have a garage sale when there are enough items to be disposed off, otherwise it will just be a waste of your time and energy. the exception though is joining another garage sale with a neighbor or friend.
  • Do have a garage sale whenever you feel the need to get rid of amassed unwanted stuff and make a little extra on the side

Best time to have a Garage Sale:

  • Weekends are the best, especially saturdays since most bargain hunters have this day set just for such occasions.
  • Although setting your sale date on a holiday may sound ideal, most people that would normally be out bargain hunting might be out of town vacationing instead.
  • Set a time frame for your sale, ideally, longer hours means more potential customer, but be realistic with yourself (do you really want to have a sale from 7am to 7pm?).
  • State your allotted time and include this info on your flyers and ads to avoid unnecessary conflicts with early birds and late comers (you dont really want people knocking on your door at 6AM or during dinner do you?)

Before the sale:

  • It may sound obvious, but most people forget the key ingredient to a succesful garage sale. Make it easy for people to find your sale rather than relying on luck. A simple ad with the location, day and date of the sale would be tremendous help in getting more bargain hunters find you.
  • Use garage sale signs and banners to advertise your garage sale, post them where allowed (check with your local authority) throughout your surrounding neighborhood.
  • Create flyers for your garage sale
  • Make a checklist of your items for sale (including description and asking price)
  • Clearly mark your items with price labels to avoid redundant price questions and confusion during the actual sale.

During the sale: We can't stress this enough. but preparedness is key to everything. Have all the little details ready to avoid hassles and lost sales such as having the following items ready

  1. Have plenty of change (coins, dollar bills)
  2. Decide early on if you want to accept cash only or checks too (prefer the later)
  3. Have some extra plastic bags for small or fragile items, it isn't necessary but will make it more convenient and conducive for buyers to buy your stuff.
  4. Have a power outlet, extension cords or batteries ready in case you have items that may require testing prior to selling (ie. toys, radios, power tools, etc.)
  5. Have a calculator handy to easily account for item totals or change.
  6. Have all your items tagged with price labels and keep your prices to a nice round number. also don't forget, this is a sale not a hard-sale so be ready (and price flexible) for people low-balling your items -- you can always say no thanks.
  7. Presentation always has a hand to a successful sale, arrange items in a logical order, keeping smaller things in containers on table tops while having larger or bulkier items at ground level. place your best items or items that sell easily towards the back to force your buyers to walk through your stuff.
  8. For small items, it easier to sell them bundled with similar or with other small items too ( stapler with a pack of staples or trinkets bundled in fours)
  9. When selling high priced items, it is best to keep a printed product listing or a magazine depicting the original value to justify your price and also let your potential buyer know that they are getting a good deal.
  10. Keep the location where you intend to have your sale clean and isolated from other things in your house that are not for sale. the front yard or garage is the best (hence garage sale). park your vehicles clear off the driveway and position your items to be clearly visible. not only will this prevent confusion, but it will be conducive to passing lookers to stop by and check out your sale.
  11. Although it is easier to sell things as-is, doing some cleaning and polishing beforehand will probably net you the price you want for the item as opposed to selling just junk.

After the garage sale:

  • Be sure to remove all the signs you have posted.
  • Instead of throwing out unsold items, donate them to your local charity.

See examples of garage sales in your neighbourhood.

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