Front & Back Cover Ads

Front & Back Cover Ads

A front or back cover placement offers your ad dominance in the market plus exposure in up to 783 zones.



Front Cover


1. Front Cover Ad
Have the predominant ad that is seen first in up to 783 zones. With a front cover ad, you’ll have dominant exposure in your print zone.

2. Display Ad
A cover tag is a great call-to-action for readers to find your ad or insert inside the book. These can also be in 4color (CMYK)

Front & Back Covers


3. Full Color (CMYK)
Our front and back covers are full color, and are sure to grab the attention of our readers. They’re a great spot to advertise your best offers.

Back Covers


4. Signature Ad
The Signature Ad is a great spot located directly next to the reader’s address on the back. It’s an additional attention getter that can be used to highlight a special offer, or direct readers to look inside for your ad or insert.

5. Back Cover Ad
Having a back cover is an additional spot to highlight your best offers and coupons.