Ad Submission Specifications Part 2

Ad Submission Specifications Part 2

Print & Deliver Flyers

Color Palette - 4-Color Process
The number of process colors available on 4-Color Process Flyers depends upon the Press configuration of printing facility. Please check with the printing site Pressroom. Process colors should be named and labeled according to the PennySaver USA Publishing LLC color palette.

Do not use process colors on text 12 pt. or less, including reverse type. We reserve the right to convert text to black to maintain print quality.

Color Palette - Regular Spot Color Flyer
The number of colors available on Spot Color Flyers depends upon the Press configuration of the printing facility. These colors must be cut on submitted digital ads and the color names should be in accordance with standard ink colors.

If custom PMS colors are to be used, custom color names should read as the shortened name, such as PMS 276, the color should be cut and labeled the same. Any use of other palette colors may cause the ad to misprint. Custom color requests will require an earlier deadline, please check with the print facility.

Print & Deliver Flyers

Ink Colors Available with PAD products include:

Cyan - C
Magenta - M
Yellow - Y
Black - K
Orange (PMS 165)
Red (PMS 185)


Custom Inks Available - minimum 2 week advanced notice required

Mechanical Specifications

Use 3/8” gutter when folding.

Customer-Supplied Images

Acceptable Images
Digital Photos, must be at least 300dpi


Quality Guidelines

  • Use clear pictures with good contrast and focus.
  • Enlarge image no more than 125% (enlargement detracts from quality).
  • Reductions OK.
  • Avoid using originals with blemishes, scratches, wrinkles, etc.

Headset PAD

Customer supplied Art Specifications
Screen Ruling - Minimum 150 line screen
Maximum Print Density 270%