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Best Tips for Selling Online

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There is an effective way to sell online, and a terribly ineffective way. The majority of people fall victim to the ineffective way, and their item languishes, unseen and un-bought, lost in the Internet. DON'T let your ad get lost in the Internet. Follow these effective tips for selling online, and see how successful your ad can be. 

Location is Everything

Place an ad where it will be seen. Choosing the right website for uploading your item is very important. You want to be sure to choose a site that has high traffic, and if possible, caters to people who are looking for your type of item. For example, don't upload an ad for your used bike to a site that caters to used book buyers.

A Picture IS Worth 1,000 Words

Take a Photo to Sell OnlineTo get the most success out of your online classified ad, accompany your listing with a photo, or multiple photos, of the item you’re selling. When buyers are interested in an item online, they don’t have the same luxury to see the physical condition as if they were in a store, so the next best thing is a photo. Take quality photos of the item showing the condition and specific features you’d like to highlight. The fewer questions a potential buyer has about your item, the more likely they are to follow through and purchase it. 

Pay Attention to the Wording of Your Listing

Just as important as a photo is having a strong listing. This may be a little tricky, because you need to word your listing to entice people to click on it and notice your particular ad. The best way to accomplish this is to combine accurate details about your particular item and search-engine friendly phrases. Take your time when wording your online listing, so that it’s clear and concise, and people aren’t left with too many questions, because this may sometime be a huge deterrent for some buyers.

Spell Check Your Ad!

This goes along with wording your classified ad, but is so important; it deserved its own bullet. Remember to spell check your ad! I can’t begin to express to you how important this is. Not only does it make buyers have more trust in your ad, but you can’t expect your ad to be found with misspelled words. If your post is for a “brown Chiwawa”, but the rest of the world is searching for a “brown Chihuahua,” you’re ad isn’t going to be viewed by many. So please, do your ad a favor and spell check before you click submit!

Provide Great Customer Service

In the event that people still have questions about your classified ad, this shows they’re interested and taking the time to seek out the answer. Use this opportunity to build a rapport with them and provide them with exceptional “customer service”. Indicate on your ad what best times to contact you are-(including Time Zone), so you’re not bombarded with calls at 12am. Remember to be professional because this is someone who is interested in what you’re selling.

Realistic Price Expectations

Having a realistic price expectation is key. If you’re selling something that is worth $20 on the market, but you list it at $40, don’t expect any success from your ad. Spend some time researching what products similar to yours are going for on the internet, and price your ad accordingly. Pay attention to interest in similar products, and the average listing price closest to the condition of your specific product.

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