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Turn Those Old Textbooks into Money!

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Tips for Selling Your Old Textbooks Online

The relief you feel after finals can only be matched by the joy of receiving cash for those expensive textbooks you will never use again. It is typical for students to pay $200 for a single textbook in 2012, according to Time Business. If you have ever taken your textbooks to the bookstore to sell them back, you learned the hard way that college bookstores pay pennies on the dollar. There is a better way to recoup your textbook expenses. Post an ad online where you control the price.

Timing to Sell Online

Sell Your Textbooks Online You can command the highest prices if you place an ad at the right time. The best time to sell textbooks online is during the beginning of each semester, typically August, September, January, and February—but don’t wait until the end of the year! The faster you place an ad once your class is over during the same school year, the more likely you are to get a good price for it. Any delay increases the chance that your book will become an old edition, which basically makes it worthless.

Make Textbooks More Attractive

When you post an ad for a textbook, make sure you add a picture. Pictures always sell items better than words. This also allows customers to view the condition of the book. Price your book slightly lower than your closet competitor, but do not price it too low or potential buyers may become suspicious.

Have a better and more profitable experience when you sell online by following these tips. It make take a little more time than bringing all your books to on bookstore, but the profits make it well worth the small amount of extra effort.

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