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The Personal RFID-Based Locator / Tracker (Buy or Rent)

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  • Ventura, CA 93004

The Personal RFID-Based Locator / Tracker (Buy or Rent)

We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

Audio File Overview: http://www.dpl-surveillan ce-equipment.com/360-Grou p-Files/PERSONAL-(RFID-BA SED)-TRACKER-LOCATOR.mp3

* Alzheimer or Elderly Family Members
* Wandering Children
* Lost Pets Prevention
* Personal Belongings
* Place inside your car in large parking lots to find your car in seconds!

This item rents for $75.00 per week.

$75.00 per each additional homing tag.

* Easy to use – sets up in seconds
* Keep track of up to 24 tags - Comes with 4 Tags
* Tags are small enough to be hidden on most belongings
* Set your safe distance and get an alert on violation
* Tag can work for up to three months on a battery

This kit comes with everything you need to track up to 24 homing tags. 4 homing tags are included.

The Personal RFID-Based Tracker provides everything you need to find misplaced items and the ability to be notified with an alarm using the Distance Alert mode. Keep an eye on your children, alzheimer / elderly family members, pets and personal belongings from hundreds of feet away. Get alerted BEFORE it’s too late to retrieve it.

Locate Mode

In Locate mode, you will hear audio beeps to notify you. The on-screen directional display guides users quickly and easily to tagged items even if they are out of sight. The closer you get to a locator, the faster the beeps are heard.

Alert Mode

The Alert mode enables an invisible boundary to be set around the homing tag– Close, near or far, and warns you the moment any tagged item goes out of your preset safety zone with an audio alarm, on screen display (detailing the items missing) via a vibration Alert.

Panic Mode

The Additional button on the Panic Tag enables a child or an elderly family member to set off a distress alarm on the Personal RFID-Based Tracker's Handheld advising that help is needed.

Case Scenarios

Ideal for protecting your possessions whether you've accidentally left them behind or someone is running away with them. Many people use the homing tags on their children in their pockets or a wrist band to inform them that their child has wandered off out of your safety zone. Place a tag on your pets collar to get find them before they wander too far.

Key Features and Benefits:

* Locate mode finds tagged items up to an incredible 600 feet away /183 meters outdoors (clear line of sight) and 250+ feet / 72 meters indoors depending on structural conditions.

* Audio and visual directional technology guides you to within 2.5cm / 1” of lost items

* Alert mode will warn if tagged items go outside your comfortable safety zone that you set. Safety range can be set independently for each of the 24 tags.

* Miniaturized Tags can be quickly and easily attached to almost anything with the Key ring loop or adhesive strips

* Homing Tags gives off audio beep and flashing LED to help locate more easily

* Panic Tag enables a child or dependant to set off a distress alarm

* Up to 24 Tags / items can be registered per handheld device

* Available in English, Spanish, French and German

Tag Size: 30.5mm (H) x 19.5mm (W) x 8.5mm (D)

Protect your Camera, Purse, Keys, Pets, Children... Put a Tiny Tag on ANYTHING

Pack Contents:

* 1 x Locator Handheld
* 3x Mini Homing Tags
* 1 x Panic Homing Tag
* 4 x Key ring loop and adhesive strips
* User guide
* All batteries included
* Supplied with Locate and Alert mode

The technology is not just for children. Literally any personal item can be fitted with a homing tag or panic tag. Wallets, Pets, Keys, Cars and more. Place one in your car in a packed parking lot to locate your car, and another one on your Pet in case it wanders too far from home. The one size fits all technology is outstanding, with a plethora of new uses every day.

Advanced Technology

* This is an innovative product using advanced technology that helps find important possessions and can even stop them from getting lost in the first place.

* Designed to be exceptionally easy to use and helps avoid that feeling of frustration when you mislay your valuables. From finding keys, handbags or mobile phones to ensuring the safety of your children, pets and personal possessions, It’s versatility means it can be used in almost any situation by simply attaching the tag to anything you want to protect.


* In Locate mode, audio beeps and the on-screen directional display, guides users quickly and easily to mislaid tagged items.

* In Alert mode, an invisible safety zone can be set up around the unit alerting you with audio-visual and vibration alarms when flagged items are moved from the set boundary.

It’s versatility enables use around the home, in the office and about anywhere. Small, discrete Tags and a compact Handheld unit direct users from up to 183 meters ( 600 feet) to within 2.5cm ( 1 inch) of the mislaid item.

The innovative technology used allows each Handheld to track up to 24 miniaturized Tags in Locate and Alert modes.

You will never fear losing anything again!

* Jewelers use it to make sure that their highly valuables are not in the hand of someone with bad intentions. The homing tags are often placed in a jewelry box.
Please Note:

* 183 meter / 600 feet range is based on clear line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on use, environment and location.

* Locator mode has been designed to help find your possessions. It should not be relied on to find people.

* Alert mode has only been designed to act as an aid to warn against items getting misplaced or stolen. It is not a replacement for parental supervision.
Map location: Ventura, CA 93004
  • Posted on: 12/07/2014, 7:26 PM
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